Gold will not collapse, prices fell sharply? This Chinese aunt who seem difficult to answer. In their minds, gold is increasing the value of the product, the “Golden Age deposit paintings, gold investment in troubled times,” the old saying is the people, and the face for the first time the gold price collapsed from a high level, we have the benefit once. They may simply did from the heart, no feeling of gold will fall. However, the famous American investor reverse yoni Jacob wrote, “Gold Crash,” a book, unambiguously pointed out fake Hermes jewelry that gold is already in the process of looking at the top. To convince the reader to recognize this, he carried out the analysis and reasoning from several aspects.


Since ancient times, gold is money, valuable storage is a tangible asset. Global gold production is limited, plus its safe-haven role and a certain level, which makes the value of gold as a hedge against inflation and popular savings products. Nevertheless, the gold in the end can support up to 600% of its rise debatable. The author believes that in 1968 canceled the fixed official price of gold, as well as several currency crises in human history, in an uncertain world, it seems that only gold can hedge, coupled with growth in emerging markets demand for gold, so gold becomes increasingly difficult to value.


Later, the introduction of ETF and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to dump treasury gold from the two extremes are identified by vertical replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry parabolic rise and the famous Brown bottom. But the truth is, the lack of gold historical valuation standards, now greatly increases the likelihood of mispricing. Media trumpeted propaganda everywhere gold jewelry counters, plus the booming gold derivatives, the difference between the cost of huge profits and speculative acquisitions, making the world gold prices showed a huge parabolic rise – This is a typical sign of bubble . Gold theme has been widely publicized and excessive speculation. When gold is unanimously considered permanent when the gift of choice, perhaps an impending reversal time.


To illustrate the future trend of gold, gold trend analysis replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace of the past is essential. Yoni Jacob through a large number of charts and data, vividly convey this fact: whether it is deflation and recession, gold is not a safe haven for investors. In order to fully explain the risks of gold, gold and also author of various asset classes ratios list analysis, such a conclusion: Compared to other projects and assets, gold’s purchasing power has increased substantially, and much higher Van Cleef replica earrings than the other, so the prices were overvalued.


In addition, the author analyzes the gold and the Dow contrast, gold and the dollar after the association concluded that the future trend of gold and precious metals and the dollar’s strength these are highly correlated. We are in the economic cycle, the stock market herd behavior, irrational exuberance gold ETF and other factors, have determined that the price of gold can not remain high, and the dollar return of replica Hermes bracelet enamel the king also made of gold overshadowed.


Interestingly, the authors propose a number of market warning signs, such as skyscrapers index, soaring inflation, credit bubble, the economic slowdown, Europe, Middle East turmoil and crisis, let the gold crash on the agenda. On replica Hermes jewelry the technical and commodity movements from two aspects of the gold in the technical and fundamentals have been showing signs of a bubble, but it may not be completely shattered, however, gold has maintained a super bubble years, which gave birth to the great changes must be rapid and stormy. On or under, the reader can easily draw their own conclusions. Of course, we can not sit back and gold plummeted, you can also do something to make a profit. The authors suggest that we could short gold, short selling of gold ore and rare earth mine and sell gold to buy diamonds, such a proposal is justified, gains can be expected. Authors even include a variety of specific methods of operation to illustrate this point. The authors conclude that acceptance but too lazy to find their own opportunities for investors quite fit.